Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How To Make A Fitted Carseat Cover

For some reason all the tutorials I could find online were for more of a carseat canopy.  Since that's not practical for an Ohio winter, I decided to wing it.  I must say it didn't turn out too bad.  Since every carseat is different I'm not giving measurements though.  What I did was lay my fabric face down and place the carseat face down on top of that.

From there I cut my fabric making sure I had enough to reach where I wanted the elastic to sit.  I then flipped the carseat right side up and busted out the pins.  I started with the top and bottom, then sides and curves.  In my opinion the more you pin the easier this will be.
I sewed around the pins leaving about 1 cm seam to slide the elastic through.  I left about an inch gap where I could place the elastic.  Now I've used paper clips in the past where you tie the elastic to that and then work it through.  I find it easier to tie the elastic to a crochet hook and work that through.  I then placed the cover on the carseat and pulled the elastic tight to where I wanted it and trimmed.  I used a zig zag stitch to sew the two ends of elastic together and then finished closing that last inch gap.

Now for the window.  I eyeballed it then placed my pins.  Then I measured them and adjusted as needed.  After measuring a few times to be sure, I made my cut.

I wanted the window to look nice when open so I chose a matching pink minky that I sewed on the other side of the flap. 
I am doing velcro closures, but buttons are another fancier option.  For the velcro I'm doing one at the center of the flap when open.  And two at the bottom for when closed.  The finished product! 

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  1. What measurements did you use for the window? Specifically, from bottom edge of the seat to the bottom of the window; and from the side edge of the seat to the edge of the window. I am crocheting a car seat cover using a Tunisian Smock stitch (in a sand color because it looks like a fisherman's net). Then to cover the window, a flip down Mermaid's Tail. And then around the edges, 5 rows of the Crocodile Stitch (which looks like Mermaid Scales). I am just stumped on how far up to crochet before I start leaving the window space. Thanks so much,